GET REAL! Seven Critical Concepts That Add Up To Marketing Success

There are seven words that are the difference between success and failure in 2016, and that will define businesses able to transcend the mundane and create sustainable and compelling competitive models: Differentiation. Authenticity. Relevance. Transparency. Communication. Audacity. Ecosystem. Using real-world examples of how these concepts have reshaped companies and markets, and employing what he calls "serious levity" to illustrate their power, Kevin Coupe - the "Content Guy" for MorningNewsBeat, the author of Retail Rules! and the co-author of THE BIG PICTURE: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies, takes audiences on a fast-paced ride through the realities and opportunities of modern retailing and marketing

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The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies

There is almost no business that cannot be improved by the creation of a central narrative that speaks to employees, customers and suppliers, clearly defining the image and priorities of the company.   But most companies don’t know how to tell a story, which inhibits their ability to create common touch points that can animate the business and propel innovation.

In this presentation, based on the new business book that he co-authored with Michael Sansolo, Kevin Coupe uses examples from movies ranging from “Citizen Kane” to “Up InThe Air” to help audiences learn how to shape a core narrative and then communicate it throughout their organizations.   Entertaining and engaging, this presentation is designed to change the way people think about the way they approach branding, customer service, and even the nature of leadership.

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What's The Future? How People, Technology & Culture Are Reshaping The Competitive Landscape

Nothing is what it was. Nothing is as it seems. And nobody really "knows" anything. That's the starting premise for MorningNewsBeat "Content Guy" Kevin Coupe, as he offers a compelling perspective and real-world examples, laced with what he calls "serious levity," designed to get business audiences to act strategically rather than tactically and think differently about their organizations, customers, challenges and goals.

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THE INNOVATION CONVERSATION, with Tom Furphy & Kevin Coupe.

Twenty-first century change often has the effect of giving business leaders - even the most forward-looking ones - a kind of intellectual whiplash. Just when you think you've figured out where things are going - what works and what doesn't - something happens to challenge your thinking and turn preconceptions into misconceptions.

Tom Furphy - formerly of Wegmans and (where he developed the CPG business) and now the founder and CEO of Seattle-based Consumer Equity Partners, and Kevin Coupe, "Content Guy" for and co-author of THE BIG PICTURE: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies, engage in a far-reaching and provocative dialogue about where traditional retailing is heading, what can be learned from e-commerce successes, how to compete in the new environment, and how to understand the new consumer.

(Note: “The Innovation Conversation” is available both as a presentation and as a day-long interactive consulting service. Contact us for details.)

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Retail Rules: How To Survive In A Cutthroat, Take-No-Prisoners Business Environment

Retailing is a tough, grinding journey … and the road map keeps changing. Think of "Content Guy" Kevin Coupe as a human version of satellite navigation, offering real-time guidance, suggestions, warnings and routes. He can help you through competitive jams, potholes and detours, with ideas that are relevant whether you're working in the trenches or just trying to improve your understanding of retailing from the outside. The rules are simple, common sense and easily applied … and based on his new book, Retail Rules! 52 Ways To Achieve Retail Success.

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