"Our sales organization is a very skeptical bunch, and your presentation was both topical and relevant. The content was right on to address the meeting theme, and was presented in way that kept the audience enthralled. I had quite a few positive comments at the break, something that does not happen frequently. We appreciate the time and effort to help make this sales meeting one of the best we have had in several years."
Jon Kramer, Chief Marketing Officer, WestRock Merchandising Displays
"Kevin’s presentation to our Phoenix group was very well received! The topic was very relevant to all the retailers in the room, with just the right amount of humor. The icebreaker at the beginning, and the personal interaction at the end was truly engaging!"
Cathy Kloos, Director of Human Resources, Albertsons Safeway
"Kevin was an engaging speaker whose stories really brought the concepts to life. Although his lessons were focused on retail rules to achieve business success I found the lessons could be directly linked to enhancing my leadership style."
Jessie Thomas, Director Merchandising Solutions, MDM and PMO, Petsmart
"Your presentation was well-received, very thought-provoking and was a great lead-in to the overall theme of our show."
Tim Myers, CMO, Affiliated Foods Midwest
"The response to this session was overwhelmingly positive. The audience appreciated the lively and enlightening exchange between the moderator and panelists ... the spark you added to the panel as moderator contributed to the flame of excitement this event engendered ... Thank you for helping ground the material in a reality readily recognized ..."
Leslie G. Sarasin, President/CEO, Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
"The response from our staff to your presentation has been overwhelming. There has been an excitement and enthusiasm that I have not witnessed since taking over this position. The thanks in the hallways, the emails, the comments … have all been extraordinary. Thank you for capping off the perfect company picnic yesterday."
Steven L. Goddard, President/CEO, WinCo Foods
"Your presentation was unbelievable – everything we hoped for and much, much more! Thanks for making our customers (and us) better!"
Joe Himmelheber, Director of Marketing and Merchandising, Caito Foods
"Both of your presentations kept the audience engaged ... This was a difficult subject, but you made it easy to understand - and learn from. Everyone who has not yet seen one of your presentations, should know how informative and to the point your program is and how it will definitely enhance their event."
John M. Dumais, president/CEO, New Hampshire Grocers Association
"Kevin is an engaging speaker who really brought the content to life. He customized his program to meet our needs to ensure our event was a success!"
Kim Richardson-Roach, Network of Executive Women (NEW), New England Region
"He brought a unique perspective, and helped us think about our industry and the changing consumer in new ways ... He left us with a lot of rich conversation and actionable information ... He was terrific."
Lynn Marmer, Group VP Corporate Affairs, The Kroger Co.
"Kevin Coupe was an injection of high energy. Both his presentation and the session he facilitated were huge hits with our team. Unanimously, people told me how right on, topical and extremely well presented his speech was!"
Peter T. Wolf, Chief P Global Sales Operation, ParTech Inc.
"Kevin Coupe is authentic, witty, informed and speaks from the heart. His pace and style of walking the room kept our members engaged and attentive and his remarks were punctuated by a mix of thought provoking and entertaining pictures and videos. Kevin is direct and challenged our members to think and take risks by tapping into both sides of the brain. The positive energy that Kevin generated lasted throughout the day; expect to be surprised."
Shelley F. Doak, Executive Director, Maine Grocers Association
"Your presentation went over extremely well. I received fantastic feedback from everyone ... It hit on exactly what we wanted and fit well with everything that was discussed during the day. You nailed it! The presentation was a key part of a great meeting."
Ronald A. Berry, SVP, Retail Services, Spire, LLC
"Thank you again for speaking at our Manager Meeting last week. I received a plethora of positive feedback and the managers were specifically pleased that you were so knowledgeable of our industry ... There was a great deal of dialogue throughout the day and (according to our CEO) everyone agreed this was the best WinCo Manager Meeting ever! I look forward to working together again."
Valerie Davis, WinCo Foods
“Your energetic presentation left all who attended feeling educated and refocused on their business. I cannot thank you enough for making such an important contribution to the success of our meeting.”
Fran Preston, Carolinas Food Industry Council
"Kevin is phenomenal. He is witty, thought provoking, knowledgeable about the retail industry and puts a whole new spin on the grocery business. Kevin knows all the new marketing trends and makes relevant observations based on his research and personal experiences. He has the ability to breathe new life into what we, in the grocery business, can do for customers every day...My team was mesmerized by Kevin's presentation and left the meeting newly energized with a strong sense of purpose."
Donna Giordano, President, Ralphs
"Kevin captivated the audience by being relevant, fresh and on point with his message. His examples were real world and easy for the group to grasp...In no way was this one of those 'canned' speeches where the presenter plugs in the company name or industry four or five times to make it appear 'customized.' Kevin's grasp of the evolving retail marketplace helped frame the opportunities and the challenges facing the audience, and his knowledge of the internet and its myriad tools was of keen interest to the attendees."
Mark A. Boyer, Senior Vice President, Customer Marketing, Dawn Food Products
"I think you were the most ‘on target’ keynote speaker I’ve ever booked."
John Hall, Event Content Director, Edgell Communications
“What a great job you did at our management retreat! Our group felt your presentation was filled with fresh, practical information and is excited about trying some new marketing approaches.”
Norman Mayne, CEO, Dorothy Lane Market
"Your presentation and interaction with the attendees was outstanding .... your energy and thought-provoking look at the industry in today and tomorrow's world thrilled our group which is not an easy thing to accomplish. I truly appreciate your availability and engagement with attendees throughout the show including the roundtable breakfast discussions. It provided a great opportunity to further discuss issues and concepts in more detail."
Jill Rulon, Senior Vice President, California Grocers Association
"Outstanding presentation, Kevin ... Attendees rated your keynote with the highest scores of all seminars offered at the Expo."
Brandon Scholz, President/CEO, Wisconsin Grocers Association
“We could not have asked for a better way to start of our conference than to have Kevin speak. His presentation was engaging, relevant, and humorous all in one. It created great energy within the group that lasted throughout the conference. We highly recommend Kevin and look forward to welcoming him back in the future.”
Michael O'Toole, Account Management, VRMS

Partial Client List

Associated Wholesale Grocers, Kansas City
Association of Dressings and Sauces
Associated Wholesale Grocers, Oklahoma City
Boston Seafood Show
California Grocers Association
Carolinas Food Industry Council
CIES, The International Committee of Food Retail Chains
Cornell University
Dawn Foods
Dorothy Lane Markets
Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
Georgia Food Dealers Association
Giant Eagle
Haggen Inc.
Hannaford Supermarkets
Kraft Foods
Laurel Grocery Co.
Marketing Communications Executives International (MCEI), Seattle Chapter
Metropolitan Markets
Michigan State University
Nash Finch
National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)
National Court Reporters Association
National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association
National Grocers Association (NGA)
NCH Marketing
Network of Executive Women (NEW)
Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management
ParTech, Inc.
PCC Natural Markets
Portland State University
Quality Food Centers (QFC)
SC Johnson
Smart & Final Stores
St. Joseph’s University
Symphony IRI
TCC Global Marketing
University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business
Utah Grocers Association
Western Michigan University
Winco Foods